Welcome to MPMF 10

Greetings and welcome to the ninth year of Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival!

Three years ago when CityBeat, Cincinnati’s alternative newsweekly, decided to pick up the mantle of MidPoint, we knew we needed a partner who was invested in building our community as much as we are.

MidPoint had firmly placed Cincinnati in the conversation of budding music festivals nationwide. But after six years it was ready for a change in direction. Steering that direction required commitment and Cincinnati-based Dewey’s Pizza quickly rose to the occasion.

So, the folks with Dewey’s Pizza and CityBeat hatched plans that lead us where we are today. Each year we’ve been tossing up the festival dough a little wider. Piling on the toppings. More venues around Downtown. More acts from around the world. 

While Dewey's Pizza has been “taking pizza to the next level,” they've helped us do the same with Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Festival.

Go ahead and hold out your plate! We’re dishing up more than a mouthful as we show the world why Cincinnati is a great place to live, work and play. And look out for the good people at Dewey’s, because they’ve been looking out for you.