Welcome to MidPoint Music Festival!

Come forth, oh people of the media, and free your inner MidPoint Monty. MidPoint’s anticipated festival approaches quickly and we invite you to spread the word for all music fans to hear.

Please contact us with any request for information on bands or festival details. Need an interview or a photo? We’ll try to hook you up. Don’t know whom to interview? We can send artists your way.

Press pass requests will only be granted to legitimate media outlets. These aren’t just freebies. If you request a pass, please have an actual piece/project you are working on. If you are a freelance writer or a photographer, please let us know what media outlet you are working for.

Requests for media passes must be in by Monday September 20. You will be notified if your request is granted and where to pick up them up.

During the festival, headquarters will be at The Garfield Suites, 2 Garfield Place, at the corner of Vine Street across from the Downtown Public Library. HQ will be open around noon each day. We’ll also have the Artist’s Lounge at Neon’s, 208 East 12 Street. Both locations will have Wi-Fi, a place to sit and blog, and people to help answer questions.

Cheers and I look forward to working with everyone!

– Alex Breyer, PR Manager

Media Enquiry/Press Pass Info

Fill out your information on the Contact page.


If you need to use Monty’s head, our logo, or some general photos, we’ll have them on the Assets page.

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