MidPoint Indie Summer

Fourteen Fridays belong to MidPoint Indie Summer, where fans can expect the same caliber of emerging talent playing at the festival. Here is an update of confirmed performances for this summer's FREE concert series on Fountain Square.

June 4 

10 p.m. Camera Obscura (Glasgow, Scotland) 
9 p.m. The Love Language (Raleigh, North Carolina)  
8 p.m. Paper Airplane (Columbus, OH) 
7 p.m. The Trouble with Boys (Louisville, KY) 

June 11

10 p.m. Neon Indian (Austin, TX) 
9 p.m. Wild Nothing (Blacksburg, VA) 
8 p.m. The Minor Leagues (Cincinnati, OH) 
7 p.m. For Algernon (Cincinnati, OH) 

June 18

10 p.m. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (Muscle Shoals, AL) 
9 p.m. Brighton MA (Chicago, IL) 
8 p.m. The Prohibitionists (Cincinnati, OH) 
7 p.m. Cash Flagg (Cincinnati, OH) 

June 25

10 p.m. Smoking Popes (Chicago, IL) 
9 p.m. The Koala Fires (Cincinnati, OH) 
8 p.m. The Tigerlillies (Cincinnati, OH) 
7 p.m. Oh No Boiling Acid (Cincinnati, OH) 

July 2

10 p.m. Pomegranates (Cincinnati, OH) 
9 p.m. Enlou (Cincinnati, OH) 
8 p.m. No No Knots (Cincinnati, OH) 
7 p.m. Come On Caboose (Cincinnati, OH) 

July 9

10 p.m. Why? (Cincinnati, OH) 
9 p.m. State Song (Cincinnati, OH) 
8 p.m. Fists of Love (Cincinnati, OH) 
7 p.m. Kasparov (Cincinnati, OH) 

July 16

10 p.m. You You’re Awesome (Cincinnati, OH)
9 p.m. Pop Empire (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. The Flux Capacitors (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. The Western (Cincinnati, OH)

July 23

10 p.m. Wussy (Cincinnati, OH) 
9 p.m. The Chocolate Horse (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. The Fairmount Girls (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. Sparrow Bellows (Cincinnati, OH)

July 30

10 p.m. Eat Sugar (Cincinnati, OH)  
9 p.m. Bob Log III (Tucson, AZ)
8 p.m. Cotton Jones (Cumberland, MD)
7 p.m. Darlene (Cincinnati, OH)

Aug 6

10 p.m. Dawes (North Hills, CA)
9 p.m. The Sweep (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. Messerly & Ewing (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. Goose (Cincinnati, OH)

Aug 13

10 p.m. Buffalo Killers (Cincinnati, OH) 
9 p.m. The Lions Rampant (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. The Guitars (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. Soapland (Cincinnati, OH)

Aug 20

10 p.m. Bad Veins (Cincinnati, OH)
9 p.m. Lightning Love (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
8 p.m. The Harlequins (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. Low Hanging Wires (Cincinnati, OH)

Aug 27

10 p.m. Brian Olive (Cincinnati, OH) 
9 p.m. Oxford Cotton (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. J Dorsey Blues Revival (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. 20th Century Tokyo Princess (Cincinnati, OH)

Sept 3

10 p.m. We Are Scientist (Brooklyn, NY)
9 p.m. The Seedy Seeds (Cincinnati, OH)
8 p.m. Hazle Weatherfield (Cincinnati, OH)
7 p.m. Okay Lindon (Middletown, OH)