Sparrow Bellows

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sparrow Bellows began life as The Emeralds a scant two years ago, and in that time have provided highlight moments for two MidPoints (their first a mere five months after forming). Since that first appearance, they’ve downsized from a quartet to a trio and changed their name to avoid further confusion with Japan’s Emeralds. Ric Hickey is a guitar god visiting in human form, Sammy Wulfeck has a bassist’s rhythmic intent and a lead singer’s lecherous swivel and Brian Kitzmiller drums with lounge cool and blast-furnace heat. Sparrow Bellows’ self-titled debut attempts to bottle their musical lightning, but their full glory is best witnessed from an audience’s perspective.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Adrian Belew ouijas up the spirit of Frank Zappa and channels him into a Mahogany Trower Power Pop trio. (Brian Baker)