Saratoga Springs, NY

Phantogram is the duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, friends since junior high who originally got together three years ago as Charlie Everywhere. With their label signing early last year, they changed to Phantogram and buzz-band status ensued with the release of their debut LP, Eyelid Movies. Phantogram creates a sampledelic soundscape of organic and synthesized textures that are chilly enough to quell the most mosh-driven riot and groovy enough to inspire spontaneous ceiling-dancing (take that, Lionel Richie). Carter and Barthel claim influence from Serge Gainsbourg, and Detroit Hip Hop — who are we to argue? The duo becomes a trio on its current touring trek for the first time — Tim Oakley from The Mathematicians joins the twosome on drums samples.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Dream Pop meets Trip Hop, Morcheeba, more chiba. (Brian Baker)