Columbus, OH

"Fantods: Nervous movements caused by tension. An outburst of emotion. A fit. That's what Webster has to say about it. Columbus would say Dynamic, Melodic, Mysterious, Creative. And they would spell it Phantods."
-The Hot 17

"Phantods' have expanded on their unclassified sound. Horror movie organs and darting minor arrangements remain, but sophisticated songs like 'Wolf' and 'Missed the Boat' have vaulted the band into more serious territory."
-614 Magazine

"Within seconds of the first track, "Orpheus," two obvious truths come to light. The first is that, as a band jumps from two seconds of Painkiller grindcore into nerve-y math rock, it is going to keep you off gaurd. The second is that vocalist Gretchen King may have the finest singing voice in town."
-The Other Paper

"Few musical groups can jump from genre to genre and still sound like the same band. Phantods pull off this feat several times within each song, cherry-picking sounds from metal to punk to polka to surf rock to cabaret to circus music and back."
-Columbus Alive