Da Muttss

Cincinnati OH

Quality tracks, cuts & lyrics that steer clear of negative, misogynistic, typical topics (although we will make Tippor Gore hatin',ass shaking dummy song from time to time, what can i say even revolutionaries kick it sometimes). Definately no rnb (rap 'n bullshit)There's no bling-bling or air brushed album covers in our future. We respect The Most High, Jesus, Allah, Buddha whatever your bag is, do your thang. We have an organic & ambient sound. We've opened for Cypress Hill & The Roots. A Native Tounge state of mind. 2007 was great we started recording an album, lost an emcee (mystro), found his replacement, lost his replacement(he found God & started acting like a dick) started rerecording an album, lost a C.E.A. (cincinnati entertainment award/ best hip hop group) our compition was brutal (we we''re the only unsigned group major or indie) , played in the red's opening day parade (see a fat man on a float, you gotta love it). Everyone in our group comes from a different background; Born's from New Jersey/Georgia, Mixxedvybes & Bimu from Cincinnati,we have an eclectic sound. We've played over 400 shows from bars to festivals & big venues (Bogarts in Cincy). "It's Da Muttss baby", grin & bear it.