Brent Reed

Bellevue, Kentucky

Brent Reed is a master of musical communication. His performances are mesmerizing. His writing is clever and artful, boasting multi-genre talent that's simply extra-ordinary. Blending melodic hooks, haunting piano riffs, and soaring guitars, Brent’s original mix of alternative rock married with cerebral word-smithing has been received by audiences with eager celebration.

Brent has been performing since 2000 and has been seen in concert by thousands. His music has been featured on national television. He’s won more than one national songwriting award and has shared the stage with multiple nationally-acclaimed performers and artists.

Since the inception of his career, Brent has released two EPs, a critically acclaimed single, and three full length albums. Brent’s musical skills have taken him throughout the United States, Europe, and Central America. His eclectic style and inclusive stage presence have garnered him mass appeal wherever he’s made an appearance.

Brent was born in Tempe, Arizona and was raised in Kentucky. He began playing the piano at age 9 and proficiently writing songs at age 13. Higher education later took him to Anderson University in Central Indiana where he earned a degree in Music Business. It was at school where Brent honed his songwriting and performance skills while learning the “art” of integrated marketing.

Fans of Brent Reed know that his passions lie beyond the superficial elements of song structure and prose. “I want people to connect to something beyond themselves. To step out of mundane moments and feel a ‘Creative Presence’ outside of the tangible. It’s something listeners can actually choose to participate in as well, and that’s very exciting to me!”

Currently Brent resides in beautiful Northern Kentucky where he’s connected to a local body of creatives, entrepreneurs, and friends.  Brent’s most recent full-length album “All That We’re Made Of” was released in April of 2010.

Artists / Personalities Brent Reed Has Shared the Stage With / Worked For:
Switchfoot - Columbia/Sony
Paul Meany (of MuteMath) - Teleprompt/Warner
Audio Adrenaline - ForeFront
Seabird - Credential
Third Day - Essential Earthsuit - Sparrow
Superchick - Inpop/Columbia
The Elms - Sparrow/EMI/Universal
Jon McLaughlin - Island
Kutless - BEC/Tooth & Nail
Manic Drive - Whiplash
John Reuben - Gotee

Awards / Honors Received:
2002 MEISA National Winner for Best Overall Song
National Winner for Best CCM Song

Companies Brent Reed Has Worked With:
KISS 107
WEBN Cincinnati, OH
STAR 93.3
FOX 19 Cincinnati, OH
ABC Family Channel
40 Records / Gotee Records

Windows to the Soul - LP (2000)
Cloud Nine - EP (2001)
Only Visiting - Single (2002) MEISA - National Winner for Best Overall Song
Falling a Mess - LP (2004) Ditto - Featured on ABC Family Channel's "Switched"
Sober - Single (2010)
All That We're Made Of - LP (2010)