Barnaby Bright

Brooklyn, New York

Rebecca and Nathan Bliss started playing cover songs together in Middleofnowhere, Kansas, then shifted to writing original music, as well. With no audience for either, Rebecca moved to New York and Nathan remained in Kansas, both recording EPs on their own. The pair reconnected in NYC in 2007, married in 2008 and released Wake the Hero, their debut as Barnaby Bright, in 2009, garnering much acclaim and song placement on network television shows. Whether Simonizing their Garfunkelisms or living up to influences like Nick Drake and Mason Jennings, Barnaby Bright is making a mark in places that are most assuredly not Kansas anymore.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Suzanne Vega and Sam Phillips on a Folk pub-crawl down Bleeker Street, looking for the heart of Saturday night. (Brian Baker)

Playing to sold out crowds and wowing audiences with thoughtful lyrics, intricate melodies and unexpected instrumentation, Barnaby Bright has quickly gained notoriety not only in their hometown of Brooklyn, but all across the US and Europe, with their unique brand of chamber indie folk.

"Rebecca's smooth, melodic vocals are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter or Shelby Flint...and Nathan's incorporation of his jazz background into Garfunkel-y acoustic compositions bring diverse styles together to the folk in the road: a marriage of minds and hands and music."
-The Deli Magazine

"Nathan and Rebecca Bliss make up the sweetly melodic folk-ish duo Barnaby Bright, whose songs have soundtracked heavy emotional moments on Days of Our Lives and ER"
-Time Out New York