Cincinnati, Ohio/Bloomington, IN


http://weakness.bandcamp.com/ (stream/download the whole first album) http://blog.lostsoundtapes.com/ (order album on cassette)

This is what the Southgate House likes to say about Weakness:

"They deliver delightfully abrasive 'n eccentric punk rock/noise spazz-outs with overdriven organs and a Stooges/Brainiac aggression that cannot, should not, and will not be ignored. The kids are alright!"

This is what CityBeat likes to say about Weakness:

"With a crackling lo-fi aesthetic akin to Times New Viking and the Noise Pop rush of fellow MPMFers Male Bonding, this Cincinnati squad sounds like they are on fire when they perform, seething a rawer-than-raw abrasiveness that takes Punk nihilism to punishing extremes. The trio has a debut album you can grab for free online, but if you want a cassette, you can order that as well.
Dig it: Fucked Up, Vivian Girls, a primal scream therapy session recorded on to 12-inch vinyl and played at 78 RPM. (MB)"

weakness - WEAKNESS (2009)
Full-length album. CD released by In The Fridge Records, cassette released by Lost Sound Tapes.

"Kinda Nice" b/w "Soo Alive" 7" released by In The Fridge Records