Monterrey, Mexico

We´ve been playing dream pop since 2005 and we hope you enjoy listening as we enjoy playing it, pop from outer space, stories about people in bunny suits, squirrels under your bed and ducks jumping over the pond =)

back in the summer of 2005, uvilov started as a project of strict improvisation with 2 of the original members shooting loops from a drum machine and playing around them with a number of instrumental choices...as the sessions progressed they realized that the project was bigger than just a hobby, so they decided to start a serious musical career, adding a 3rd member, creating dreamy and ethereal pop songs they had almost an inmediate attention from the local press due to the unusual sound and setup of the band, having a strong fan base in their local town, uvilov started to be a known act across mexico´s indie scene with showcases in big alternative festivals sharing stage credits along great acts such as apparat, sr. coconut, mouse on mars, among others

At the moment the band is starting the big challenge of trying to be recognized as one of the best acts of their country with important support from radio stations such as WFMU from jersey, SCANNER FM from Spain, REACTOR FM from Mexico city, and netlabels from South america ,this year the band have gained some major exposure by playing @ SXSW 2010 in Austin TX and Festival Nrmal among other great acts such as Daedelus, Yacht, Yellow fever, etc and they are currently working on their debut LP under Mexico city Pop Label Molecula records.