The Uniphonics

Iowa City, Iowa

MC Animosity sets thick lyricism against a Jazz-infused, Hip Hop backdrop, also known as the air-tight stylings of his fellow Uniphonics. Shaking the Midwest and beyond, the group’s jam sensibilities always command a dance party — and perhaps some lighter-raising, anthemic fist-pumping and Iowa City pride. Take Animosity's rhymes from the cut named after the group’s hometown: “Iowa City is the city that never sleep/Black and gold and we roll on our enemies” or, better yet, “Nobody wants to hear about Arizona, Cali, Texas, you know it’s over ... they love the heartland because the stronger men do it harder.” That’s on The Uniphonics’ Truth Be Told album, but the MC’s genius gets a sequel on the full-length Crawl, due out this month.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The Roots smoking up with Phish. (Rich Shivener)