The Tillers

Cincinnati, OH

Three years ago, The Tillers coalesced around a hillbilly jam between guitarist Sean Geil and banjoist Mike Oberst, leading to the duo’s first gig within a week. After a few street-corner outings, they decided to add bassist Jason Soudrette. With experiences in the Punk community and influences ranging from Folk to Bluegrass to back-porch old-time music, The Tillers evolved quickly; the band’s 2008 debut, Ludlow Street Rag, was mostly covers, while 2010’s By the Signs was primarily originals. The trio took last years Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Folk/Americana and wound up in a Tom Brokaw documentary about Route 50. Ray-Ban may not make a pair of shades dark enough to dim the brightness of The Tillers’ future.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The grandsons of Bill Monroe and Del McCoury turn Bluegrass into the new Punk. (Brian Baker)