The Sewing Circle

Port Clinton, Ohio

With The Sewing Circle’s bouncy AlternaPop effervesence, slyly obvious-yet-obtuse lyrical content and guy/girl vocal harmonies, it’s easy to think of The New Pornographers. When the trio slows down to an acoustic crawl, it’s easy to think of Neko Case’s solo output. And when it Punks up the joint, it’s easy to think of X’s glory days. But after spinning the band’s eponymous debut and new album, I See Stars, it’s easy to think of The Sewing Circle as a great band on its own merits.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The New Pornographers band-battling with The Dandy Warhols for the right to be king and queen of the Pop/Rock prom. (Brian Baker)

The Sewing Circle is Indie-Alternative-American-Pop-Rock centered on a male-female vocal harmony blend. They have a very original sound, but influences and comparisons include: The Dandy Warhols, R.E.M, The New Pornographers, X, Marcy Playground, Green Day, Sloan.

The Sewing Circle caught the attention of legendary producer, Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, Von Bondies, Mooney Suzuki, etc.) whom recorded, mixed, and mastered their self titled debut record at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit, Michigan. They are working with producer Johnathan James for their followup, I See Stars, due out this summer.