The Rubber Knife Gang

Cincinnati, Ohio

Bring on the banjo, upright bass, mandolin, guitars, three-part harmonies, and, as they say, “musical succotash.” This Roots-driven trio recently released its second album, Drivin’ On. Although the songs are highly intricate, delivered by multi-instrumentalists with spider hands, there’s a “back porch,” natural chemistry present that makes them seem effortless. Drifting from raw, drawling, old-tyme Country into uplifting layers of Bluegrass, they hit heart central on the bluesy ballads. Hello drinkin’, smokin’, fist fights, easy good times and, hell yeah, makin’ up.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Chasing tail, hard-earned nicknames, dusty roads and hound dogs. (C.A. MacConnell)