The Odd Trio

Athens, Georgia

The Odd Trio is a trio from Athens, GA that blends jazz improvisation, classical composition, rock, and funk into a unique voice. The group consists of Marc Gilley (The Heap) on soprano and tenor saxophones, Todd Mueller (Asheville Symphony) on drums and percussion, and Brian Smith (Georgia Guitar Quartet) on guitar. All three met in 1996 while performing together in musical theater groups in Athens and Atlanta. In 1999 they formed the group 5 Bucks while spending time in the mountains of North Carolina and have been playing music together in various incarnations ever since, such as the jazz/rock quartet I Am A Lava Lamp, the jazz quartet the Peabodies who performed in New York for the Peabody awards, and the latin jazz ensemble One Ton Tomato which includes Paul Kim on piano and Dr. Tony McCutchen on drums. The Odd Trio is the core of all these groups and the music reflects this in its energy, groove, and spontaneity. Expect the unexpected in every Odd Trio performance - this is dance music from the far reaches of the solar system.