The Hiders

Cincinnati, OH

Fronted by longtime Cincinnati guitar ace Billy Alletzhauser, The Hiders' two self-released records — 2006 Valentine and 2008's Penny Harvest Field — transport listeners to a place where honest emotion and well-crafted songs take precedent over throwaway trends and ironic posturing. There's a timeless quality to Alletzhauser's twangy ditties, most of which revel in elemental things like relationships gone bad and hummingbirds floating through Southern skies. As its moniker might suggest, The Hiders are an elusive, ever-shifting bunch (Alletzhauser and Beth Harris are the lone constants). Its considerable reputation (NPR's World Cafe is a big fan) should only grow with the news that the band plans to release a new album, titled Four Letter Town, this fall.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Neil Young, Elliott Smith on an Americana kick, Uncle Tupelo. (Jason Gargano)