The Heartlanders

Cincinnati, Ohio

It's in the Queen City of Cincinnati where The Heartlanders create their emotive brand of uplifting songs. They call it 'panoramic music’ and it boasts expansive melodies atop Americana instrumentation; all with a comforting minimalism. Although they employ the sounds of everything from pianos and cellos, to timpani's and banjos, the staple behind their sound is a folk guitar and a moving lyric.

The Heartlanders began when former vocalist-songwriter of established Austin indie-rock group 'The Story Of' (Christman Hersha) and singer-guitarist Chris Sutton met on a fall day in rural Ohio. The duo quickly discovered their kindred spirit and common artistic vision and enlisted veteran drummer and brother Pete Moore to fill out their sound. It wasn’t long before an album took shape—an inspired 7-inch that balanced the groups Appalachian and southern indie influences. "The Cattywompus EP" was released winter 2009. The band is currently tying the bow on their second record to be released this fall.