The Harlequins

Cincinnati, Ohio

These aptly monikered locals tap into a wealth of Rock history, veering from ’60s Pysch Rock one minute to noisy Post Punk drenched in bong water the next.

This Cincinnati band puts on one of the most energetic and entertaining shows you'll see. Soaring vocals. Twisting drums. Pounding rhythms. Turns out that lead singer Michael Oliva doesn’t just use his voice to yelp out a few words, he croons through a reverb-soaked microphone, turning his voice into another indispensible element of the songs.

The band's 2009 self-released debut, Baron Von Headless generated a fair amount of attention on local radio and TV and led to touring and a spot at this year's South by Southwest festival. It's rife with spirited lo-fi anthems, all of which are taken to another level in a live setting.

Much like the Wu Tang Clan, THE HARLEQUINS will soon take over the world, and they will keep it raw..
Who's side are you on?
Protect ya neck!

Dig It: Brian Wilson during the peak of his first acid trip, ’60s Psych Rock, Syd Barret & Kim Deal's love child raised by Van Dyke Parks & molested by Mark E. Smith of The Fall