The Bergamot

South Bend, Indiana

The Bergamot, duo Jillian Speece and Nathan Hoff, have been producing passionate, genuine, and heartfelt music for the last seven years. With a sound that incorporates hues of folk, pop, and soul, their music is sweet to the ear, brilliantly organic, and bursting from the seams with color and vibrancy.

This March 2010 they released “Smile”. The Bergamot is currently working on their third album “The Haven” a tribute album to the seven year stretch they have been collaborating and writing together. The Haven will be compiled of Speece and Hoffs most favorite throw back songs that have originated over the years. It is planned on being released late this summer. Speece and Hoff have also begun tapping into the pop scene. They just wrote an up-beat dance single “Kiss My Cheek” that will be out on I-tunes within the next couple weeks.