The Bears of Blue River

Chicago, Illinois

Through the escaping chill and beauty of their shambling bluegrass music, they seem to be the kinds of people who are mixing and sampling some homemade wares, living by the tastes that can be concocted by the squeezing, waiting, watching and brewing of the sweet berries. They seem to be the kinds of people who tend to get happily transported to that good place by the end of a bottle, a place that's much more manageable, with all of the hard and rough edges sanded down to smoother surfaces. It's a band that's able to frame images in the lovely sepia tones that old film or certain filters can do, casting everything seen in a light that makes certain flattering hues pop out, adding a new dimension to the viewing. Lead singer Gavin Wilkinson strums our heartstrings and gives us the opportunity to slump down into our body's most comfortable shape and form, becoming as much of a relaxing lumps that our organs and bones will allow. The new songs give off an aura of dancing beneath the most expansive and breath-taking moonlight, definitely a bottle deep in the evening, spying fireflies and commenting to your partner that the breeze sure is lovely and wouldn't it be hard to beat a night like this one? They feel like old loves and yet like the promise of new love as well, getting us to a feeling of unstrained possibility and abundant purpose. They feel like days that pass so swiftly and simply don't come along all that often."
-Sean Moeller (Daytrotter)