Sons of Hippies

Sarasota, Florida

"...These kids don't sound like they're imitating Hendrix, Joplin or Jefferson Airplane, though. They're more about the apocalypse than spreading peace and love while dropping acid."

-Edward Skira, ChartAttack

Born just before the 2008 Bonnaroo music festival, the Sons of Hippies' name emerged at that event amid 70,000-plus camper/attendees sharing the experience, when Brazilian-native Jonas Canales and Florida-bred Katherine Kelly probed familial bonds to discover that they were, indeed, children of hippies. Just the two, their dreamily melodic but complexly synthesized songs required help to record. Enter Pro-Pain guitarist Tom Klimchuck who not only produced, but also played bass on the band's March debut, "Warriors of the Light." Shortly thereafter, Sons of Hippies met Detroit-native and bassist Ryan O'Neill, whose punk and blues background helped complete and solidify the unique sound that continues to draw attention:

"Live, they're like an amalgam of everyone from Radiohead to Metric to Ours to Broken Social Scene to Veruca Salt to Guided By Voices to the Psychedelic Furs to, yes, just a little of the White Stripes. It's spacey but it rocks." (Jay Cridlin, Tampa Bay Times)

The ritual of songwriting is an organic process for front-members Kelly (guitar, lead vocals) and Canales (drums, percussion, synth, vocals) who use cosmic legerdemain to blend elements of psychedelic and punk rock with tribal Brazilian rhythms. Lyrically, the songs are emotionally intense with a viral urge toward the abstract and poetic.

Between tours covering the East coast of the U.S., which included live performances at The Drone Valley Music Festival (Asheville, NC) and Anti-Pop Music Festival (Orlando, FL), Sons of Hippies received the critic's choice award from Tampa's Creative Loafing publication for "Best Modern-Sounding Record" of 2009. "Warriors of the Light" was also voted number one in the "Best Local Music of 2009" category in the Tampa Bay Times. This year, the band showcased to a sold-out crowd at the Tropical Heatwave Festival in Ybor City, FL and are slated to perform at Cincinnati's Midpoint Music Festival in September.

Journalist Colin Kincaid of Reax Magazine wrote of their debut album:

"This is what art-rock should be like, bold and chance-taking without sacrificing catchiness or emotional heft. Warriors of the Light is a thoroughly contemporary, and thoroughly satisfying, slice of original electric music"

Sons of Hippies recognize the momentum they have created and elevate their vision to unseen horizons. The planet quietly but desperately awaits.

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