Cincinnati, OH

Soapland is: a) an appropriate nickname for Cincinnati; b) a Japanese term for a brothel where the prostitutes wash the clientele; or c) a new band in Cincinnati. Trick question … it’s all three! The quartet is working on self-recorded demos at the moment and has just two songs on its MySpace page (you know it’s a new band because they only have seven friends), but we want to hear so much more. Comprised of the lovely Amy Jo on vocals, Wolverton Brothers bassist Jay McCubbin and ex-Roundhead guitarist Steve Metz and drummer Bill Bullock, Soapland is twisted Indie Rock run through a synth filter and turned up to industrial levels.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig:
Cindy Wilson of The B-52s fronting the resurrected Flying Lizards and beating Brian Eno with an olive branch. (Brian Baker)