She's in Orbit

Cincinnati, Ohio

Some bands don’t just wear their influences on their sleeves, they make complete sleeves out of their influences. Heavy, woolly, itchy sleeves that don’t show the band’s nice, bulked-up original arms. The guys in She’s in Orbit have nice original arms and they don’t mind showing them off. They’ll definitely give you a glimpse of how they’ve been working out with The Kinks and early Who but they’ve got some pretty spiffy moves of their own. This show is She’s in Orbit’s debut. Oh, and SiO is yet another project featuring the talents of MidPoint’s founders Bill Donabedian and Sean Rhiney.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Early Nuggets-laced Rock boiled down to its essence, stirred with the broken neck of a Les Paul and served piping hot. (Brian Baker)