Say it With a Smile

Champaign, Illinois

Life is not neat. Take band, Say it with a Smile. Part pop, folk, alternative, indie, even blues, this set up is anything but straight forward. But married song-writers Jaron and Katherine Kamin love to exploit boundaries. He grew up going to Jewish Community Center after school; she was raised at a Dutch reformed school. He was a rocker in high school. She was (and is) a jock and closet song-writer.

Needless to say this is not typical, easy-answers pop. The tongue-in-cheek style of the band couples cynical lyrics with the music's upbeat mood. Says Katherine, "We're not bothered by the questions... we'd just be bothered if we weren't asking them."

The band is working on a full length album, currently titled “Places We Call Home.”

Jaron Kamin: Guitar, Vocals
Katherine Kamin: Vocals
Tim Koons: Guitar, Cello
Kyle Buffo: Bass
Max Jacobs: Drums