Richard Buckner

Brooklyn, NY

Chaos follows Richard Buckner like a moody puppy. His whirlwind includes: divorces, writer’s block, moves to Canada, Austin and Brooklyn, self-recorded albums, nothing in the bank account, bank account loaded with Volkswagen commercial money, contributions to Howe Gelb’s Band of Blacky Ranchette, a deal with Merge and two great albums in a row (2004’s Dents and Shells, 2006’s Meadow), an album in between with Jon Langford, tons of respect for his work. New album? No word on that, just the good news that Buckner is on the road, which could mean new songs. Or a divorce, more blockage and another move or two. It really won’t matter, because Richard Buckner’s greatness has transcended it all and will until the end of recorded time.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Tom T. Hall and Nick Drake get in Jeff Goldblum’s Fly machine and come out as one singer/songwriter. (Brian Baker)