Cincinnati, OH

When the atmospheric Pomegranates appeared with the smokingly fun Everything is Alive, they burned up several radio stations, hitting the road with bands like French Kicks and Islands. In 2009, back home, they gave some love to Everybody, Come Outside!, their second creation, mixed and mastered by TJ Lipple (of Aloha, who has also worked with MGMT). Pomegranates’ imaginative, innocent feel is a welcome, uplifting snack. With a laidback but strong chemistry and skilled songwriting, Pomegranates peel their own way, making a name and smiling all the while. Look for their new release on Afternoon Records this fall.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Well-crafted Pop dripping with artistic juice, ghosts in the graveyard, fluorescent stars and cookies. (C.A. MacConnell)