Plastic Inevitables

Cincinnati, Ohio

Plastic Inevitables' self-produced, self-recorded debut album "The Show Piece" was created in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio with nothing more than 6 mics and GarageBand. The charismatic garage-pop trio, who aren't even out of high-school, forgo pretension and million-note-a-second guitar solos in favor of a striped-down and to-the-point sound. Robert Francis (drums) and Andrew Oliver (bass) lay down rock solid support to Phillip Alexander's (guitar, vox) three-minutes-and-a-cloud of dust guitar stabs. Alexander’s vocals melt perfectly into the cracks and crevices of these songs. Many garage bands may suffer from disillusions of grandeur, but Plastic Inevitables' simple approach and solid songs show that these lo-fi wunderkinds are ready to break out of the garage.