North Highlands

"All the songs on their recently self-released Sugar Lips EP are driven by hooks and melodies first, delicate charm second. They owe much of the latter to vocalist Brenda Malvini. Her voice is guileless and sweet, with a little twang and vibrato that creeps into the ends of her phrases."
- Stereogum

"...the first song these guys ever wrote together is just brilliant: It's called "Collar Bones," and it's an irresistible bit of chamber-pop—airy and gently swaying, and eventually a little bit jumpy, with singer Brenda Malvini's vocals adding an almost vaudevillian quality to the mix. And here's the kicker: Everything they've done since is just as good, if not better."
-L Magazine - 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear

"Singer Brenda Malvini has one of those airy but strong voices that seems to have dictated the sound of the band, it all just goes down so well together."
-Brooklyn Vegan