Nathan Holscher

Cincinnati, Ohio

Nathan Holscher learned to play guitar as a teenager in Illinois with Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits as influences, but his exposure to Townes Van Zandt in college converted him to Folk. Post-college, Holscher recorded his first album, Pray for Rain, and bounced around the country before settling in Cincinnati and crafting his sophomore album, Even the Hills, with Ric Hordinski. After establishing his solo presence, Holscher assembled the Ohio 5 and released his most realized album to date, last year’s excellent Hit the Ground, filled with character-driven songs, intimate atmospherics and a palpable musical passion.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Joe Henry and Damien Rice write songs with a Ouija board while contacting the spirit of Townes Van Zandt. (Brian Baker)

“Nathan Holscher has made one of the best Americana records of 2009.”- Americana UK

“Holscher’s acoustic folk borders on Ryan Adams’ rock with Damien Rice’s haunting vocals.”- Metromix Cincinnati

“Nathan Holscher’s brilliance is in his storytelling with a CD full of rich characters who have some issues.”- Cincinnati Enquirer

"All of Holscher’s songs have the ability to mesmerize . . .falling somewhere between the spaciousness of Joe Henry and the lithe Pop of Damien Rice. . . with Holscher giving voice to those deepest, saddest emotions all of us have. Only he has the talent to turn them into pure poetry.”- CityBeat