Moon High

Columbus, Ohio

the sounds 
Ohio's Moon High provide a soundtrack to a setting sun, with mellow folk-rock and country-tinged melodies, accented by prevalent vocal harmonies, flute, and subtle percussion.  Outgrowing comparisons to contemporary "freak folk" songsters, the ever-evolving Moon High shy from self-classification with their mood-mending blend of dark and light, restraint and release, dreamy and upbeat.

the story  
Moon High set out in 2007 as a recording partnership between like-minded friends.  The onetime duo expanded their lineup shortly thereafter, to adapt the multi-layered sounds of their 2008 self-titled debut on-stage.  Moon High have most recently honed their harmonious act as a quartet and their performances feature some unexpected multi-tasking and unconventional instrumentation, including bass foot synthesizer, flute, glockenspiel and autoharp.  The band has steadily garnered positive press, and recent, noteworthy appearances include the first Ohio Winter Folkfest with Vetiver and the 7th Annual Nelsonville Music Festival with headliner, Loretta Lynn.

what's next
The recent release of Moon High's 'Smoke Before My Eyes' 7" features the first recordings the band has put out since its 2008 self-titled debut. The 7" itself is a gorgeously made record, featuring custom cover designs and screen printing by Smoke Signals, of Akron, Ohio. The band is currently playing out in support of this, and also tracking new material for their anticipated sophomore release later this year.