Monolithic Cloud Parade

Columbus, Ohio

Most bands form and then struggle to find a name that suits its sound and attitude. Corey Fry had the name of his band before he had a band. In fact, he didn’t yet know how to play guitar or write a song when Monolithic Cloud Parade occurred to him. After learning, he wrote and recorded MCP‘s debut album, the conceptually skewed Children with Wolf Heads, after which he assembled a band to actually play the songs. MCP’s first “real band” album, The Sea and Setting Sun, is out later this month. The group’s third album has already won a Grammy — now they just have to write and record it.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The Polyphonic Spree’s togas, Brian Eno’s minimalism, They Might Be Giants’ bike helmets, Neutral Milk Hotel’s telekinetic power. (Brian Baker)