Nashville, TN

On their eponymous debut EP and on stage, Milktooth exhibit an astonishing musical range. The Nashville trio displays a frenetic Indie Rock aspect blended with a tendency to drift into arty atmospherics that suggest Radiohead, only to blast right back with the unhinged passion of Iggy Pop. The pointman for Milktooth’s attack is David Condos, who shifts easily from seductive croon to soul-selling anguish to snake-handling fervor in a wide-eyed blink (witness their Nick Cave-wilting version of David Bowie’s “Cat People”). Give them two songs and Milktooth will own you, body and damaged soul.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The Strokes and Marah drink Mason jar moonshine and see God, who looks amazingly like Jeff Buckley. (Brian Baker)