Michael Saranga

Miami, Florida

Michael SARANGA was formerly a singer with the beloved French band NOTA BENE, with which he recorded and released his first album "# 01" in 2000. In 2003, after more than one hundred concerts, radio and TV shows, the adventure ends with NOTA BENE.

This date marks a significant milestone in the career of the French singer/songwriter. Indeed it is in this period, with the support of his public and loved ones, that Michael decided to compose new songs solo with his guitar. This change in focus allowed him to upgrade his style to a soul pop music.

From 2003 to 2007 he wrote, composed, played and travelled everywhere along with his guitar (festivals, cafés concerts, Metro in Paris etc...).

On one of his concerts in 2007, Michael encounters percussionist Gregory JESBAC. The two artists then begin to work together. First, they established an acoustic performance (guitar voices and cajon), and naturally recorded at the end of 2009 the new album of Michael SARANGA.

This album will be released in 2010, but a maxi is already available on most download legal platforms.