Messerly and Ewing

Cincinnati, Ohio

Messerly and Ewing has been a Pop/Rock institution around town for years, but Mark Messerly’s Wussy gig and Brian Ewing’s Catalog Cowboys duties put M&E on the bench for a spell. After sporadic acoustic duo dates, M&E re-banded with bassist Sean Rhiney and drummer Bill Donabedian (the founders of the MidPoint feast) with Rock in mind, but their MPMF relaunch last year was nearly derailed by illnesses that dropped both Ewing and Donabedian. Here’s hoping that everyone is ginger tea-and-whole-grain healthy in 2010; this new configuration of Messerly and Ewing could be poised to knock the city on its collective ass.
You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Roots-powered Pop/Rock with heart and soul (and lungs and ass and brains and balls). (Brian Baker)