Marvin and the Experience

Cincinnati, OH

Marvin Hawkins — where do we begin? The singer/songwriter/drummer has mixed with several local projects, including the Neo Soul/Jazz effort iolite and The Syd Nathanists, a tribute to the artistry of King Records. His most long-standing effort is Marvin & the Experience, no strangers to MidPoint and no strangers to Hip Hop-flavored R&B jams coupled with Hawkins’ bravado. Before the fest, please, please search “Wendy’s Hot Drinks” on YouTube. You'll find a young Marvin Hawkins, then in his teens, starring in the R&B-laden Wendy’s employee training video entitled “Hot Drinks”; the clip recently went viral and marked more than 200,000 views. Why not play it, gentlemen?

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Raphael Saadiq having drinks with Usher. (Rich Shivener)