Magnolia Mountain

Cincinnati, Ohio

Soft as a baby’s cheek, tough as a campfire steak, cool as an autumn evening, hot as a habanero pepper dipped in Tabasco and horseradish. Magnolia Mountain is all of this and so much more as they tear through the diverse Americana stylebook with a casual grace, effortlessly shifting between Country, Rockabilly, Gospel, Rock, Cajun and Folk, with any combination of genres likely to bubble up to a boil in any given song. The band’s latest album, Redbird Green, is a marvel of creative vision and execution and is clearly one of the best works this year (and available on double vinyl!).

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Drive-By Truckers and Waylon Jennings listen to the Louvin Brothers and Hank Williams on a $50 stereo through $1000 headphones. (Brian Baker)