Mad Anthony

Cincinnati, Ohio

Like the best Punk, Mad Anthony is so much more than just Punk. On their debut full-length, I Spent All My Money on Speed Metal, the Cincinnati quartet embraces Pop, Soul, Prog and Jazz in much the same way that a python embraces dinner — by squeezing it until the lights dim and then devouring it whole. Mad Anthony makes swinging, swaggering Punk that elbows up to the same bar as The Afghan Whigs, The Stooges, Jawbox and other uniquely-bent purveyors of volume, mayhem and adrenaline. The tumult they create is the soundtrack to a flaming, high-speed car chase using a six-string chainsaw.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The music that Transformers would make if they learned how to play Punk Rock and their instruments were missile silos, ammunition dumps and seedy bars. (Brian Baker)