Morgantown, West Virginia

Librarians formed in January 2004 in Morgantown, West Virginia.  In six years the band has produced one EP and two LPs, each bearing little sonic relation to the other.  Their latest, Present Passed, is a sprawling, psychedelic, get-sad-that-you-didn't-grow-up-to-be-what-you-wanted pop record.  Opting to self-record, the band patiently crafted a nuanced headphones record drawing on influences ranging from Air to The Zombies, with some hip hop and Krautrock thrown in for good measure.  It is easily their most mature and consistent work to date.

Complexity is not usually so discreet, but as Librarians’ songs evolve and flourish in a surprisingly cohesive narrative there will be cause to replay several songs for the sheer reason of so many enjoyable things going on. For pop music this readily accessible, it is an incredibly rare thing. - OBSCURESOUND.COM

Why do I get the feeling that if this were a New York band, and not a West Virginia band, the blogs would be all over this record? - ADEQUACY.NET