Johnnie Ninety-Nine

Vancouver, British Columbia

Time for another quiz (don’t you just love quizzes?). Johnnie Ninety-Nine is: A) a Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen song; B) a lethal concoction consisting of wine and a sneaky shot of gin; or C) a Canadian singer/songwriter with three distinct bands. That’s right, it’s all three. With The Hornets, Johnnie just released her laconic Rootsgrass album, No Home Like Nowhere; she had previously recorded with The Buckin’ Ladybugs and The Buskin’ & Robbin’ Band. Johnnie kicks her Bluegrass up a notch by creating sonic textures and atmospheres, resulting in songs that are felt as much as heard.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Michelle Shocked rewriting the American Country Songbook with Daniel Lanois producing the session. (Brian Baker)