Joey Hebdo

Columbus, Ohio

"Adventure-Folk" is the latest moniker from Columbus, Ohio born and glazed musician Joey Hebdo.
Well placed in the pits of modern day musics struggle to hold on to something unspoiled and unforgettable.

Hebdo is a mid-west native that wasn't really born at the right time in history and still works hard to find out where the people of his time went.
Two early submergences in life have shaped him thus far.
A strong Lebanese culture during his childhood, that allowed for exploration throughout suburban America,
preceded by many years spent in an Appalachian paradise that taught him how to bring it all back home to his nations core.
Polarity is key; and diversity is inevitable,
drawing influences from artists like Robert Plant, Andrew Bird, The Temptations, the Beatles, and his Grandfather.
Needless to say he's all about vocal melodies and appears more often than not as an energetic solo acoustic performer, but even more recently he’s been known to appear with a four piece local super-group packed with three part harmonies and an edge too sharp to mention.

His first self-release "un EP" (2008) was received with avid praise and respect while he spent the following 9 months on the road touring coast to coast.
All recorded tracks on “UnEP” are live single takes that lend a hand (bear witness) to his inventive style of Adventure-Folk.

In winter '09 he returned to Columbus after a year and a half of swimming in and out of the vertical pacific coast, experiencing every type of persona and craft he could get his hands on. It was a real time of growth for Hebdo being welcomed with such open, and sometimes opposing, arms in L.A., San Fran, & Portland. Upon returning to the midwest he locked-up and recorded his first self-released full-length album "Prosciutto".
All takes were recorded live in analog to 2-inch tape and with well known engineer/producer Josh Antonuccio involved, the selected songs were able to meet their full potential. Sure enough, the endlessly creative studio venture proved far beyond what he had imagined. Again, largely respected praise met the anticipation of “Prosciutto’s” arrival last summer '09.
He works hard to move culture along.

Live shows consist of an energetic and magnetizing Hebdo that’s had 10 years of experience on the stage.

A new Live Album recorded "at Rumba Cafe", has been released this Summer 2010. It showcases the powerfully recent 4-piece thats forcing folks to put their helmets back on.