J. Dorsey Blues Revival

Cincinnati, OH

While some fear the Blues has lost some of its influence and fire as time marches on, every generation has a handful of young artists who pull the Blues jalopy into the garage, give it a paint job, supercharge the engine and get it back on the street so the kids can “ooh” and “ahh” and ask, “Where did that come from?” J. Dorsey Blues Revival has been doing that in Cincinnati for the past few years with a powerhouse live show and a style that encompasses a wide array of Blues variations. And when Dorsey and Co. play, it’s clear they didn’t just discover Blues by stumbling upon a Black Keys album a few months ago — they have a masterful grasp, not only chops-wise, but in the way they understand and reflect Blues’ original spirit and soul.

Dig It: The ability to take all of the Blues tree’s branches and build something awe-inspiring out of the wood. (MB)