Louisville, Kentucky

IamIs consists of Jason Cox and Shawna Dellecave. They create what they have self-described as existential-pop-rock. To them this means the combination of lyrics inspired by life set to music that is entertaining and sounds that can melt in your ears.

In their live performance, IamIs is a dynamic duo with Jason on drums, Shawna at the Rhodes, two inspired voices and eletromagnetic pulses that swirl around the room.

With influences ranging from 60's and 70's psychedelia, pop, rock, and folk to modern rock, indie, and hip hop as well as old blues and jazz, IamIs brings together a large, colorful palate to create their sonic designs. Layers of textured sound invite the listener to experience a moment of life as IamIs feels it. Honest lyrics combined into rich male/female harmonies complete the pictures that make up IamIs' vision of art in sound. Stir all of this together with IamIs' experienced studio skills and you get recordings that are infectious and memorable.