Chicago, Illinois

Hollus is a band that thrives on the next step. The group stayed busy traveling throughout 2009. While dotting across the Midwest performing their garage blues anthems from “Joker And The Queen” (2009), Hollus had begun solidifying the sound that would become their heady follow-up.

Composing the songs on the road and solidifying them in their home studio, Singer Jamison Acker and Guitarist Michael Lux’s influences joined to forge a work with themes of fate, hope, and mystery. Acker describes it as “The kind of songs we’ve always wanted to write.” Never losing the DIY spirit, Hollus recruited their own Colin Mulhern (bass) to run the boards at Chicago’s Rax Trax Studio.

In March, the group released an advanced split single for “Lucy Grey” and “Songs That You Love” at their Lincoln Hall show with Company of Thieves, and followed it up with a hazy psychedelic summer music video for the former.

Hollus is poised to release a new collection of songs starting this fall. The group also plans on releasing as many as 4 more music videos in this time, and continuing to turn people on to its universal spin on ambient, powerful pop music. Upon hearing an advanced pressing, Consumer Digest Editorialist Paul Snyder has noted it is “a true record for a record-less era.”