Gentleman Jesse and His Men

Atlanta, GA

Don't see Gentleman Jesse and His Men if you want precise, complex guitar solos and avant-garde ambition. However, if you'd like to indulge in an endearing, delectably unfettered basement soundtrack that stems from an equal love of ’60s Pop and ’70s Punk, these guys will satisfy. Per an interview with founder/guitarist/vocalist Jesse Smith, the band's motto runs somewhere along these lines — “It doesn’t matter what it is — if it’s fast or slow or aggressive — just as long as it has a hook.”

You'll Dig It If You Dig: The Replacements when they were feeling affectionate and lighthearted. (Reyan Ali)

"Atlanta's Gentleman Jesse (neé Jesse Smith) & His Men have found love in the rich, power-pop offerings of the 1970s. By no means innovative, their self-tiled debut succeeds anyway, hitting pleasure centers like Ali tapped chins: quickly, often, and with oh so much care." - Pitch Fork

"After years playing in the punk band Carbonas, Smith finally has a new voice with which to showcase his own brand of melodic power-pop. "I usually say that it's kind of got a British Invasion vibe filtered through punk rock as if the Ramones were trying to play the Beatles," he aptly describes it. While his music draws from that wide of a range - as well as everything in between - he seamlessly samples it all into a collage of raw, rock 'n' roll excellence. "- Performer Magazine