Eric Tepe Band

Cincinnati, Ohio

Eric Tepe Band is an up-and-coming group out of Cincinnati, OH. Behind the voice and vision of front man Eric Tepe this super versatile band is working hard to remove the “up-and-coming”!

Over the past 8 years, Eric has dumped heart and soul into honing his talent as a singer, songwriter, artist, and performer. Now, with a fantastic mix of musicians, ETB is evolving Eric's original vision and infusing each band member's personality along the way.  The end result is an increasingly electrified and completely original vision for Eric and the guys!

Mike Georgin (bass) and Brian Kelley (drums) bring loads of musical accomplishment as former members of Over The Rhine, Pay The Girl, and dozens more regional/national acts. Andrew Lenihan (keys) adds a soul-filled, well-respected hand to the mix; fresh off a stint on keys for the recent US Culture Tour. Aaron Brown provides a perfectly fitting approach to guitar and songwriting. Collaborating with Eric on some of the band’s most recent tunes, Aaron has become a driving force behind ETB's elevated creative direction.

Eric Tepe Band has just finished recording at Audiogrotto with producer Ashley Shepherd and will release a self-titled debut record in October 2010. With high expectations for the record, and a shiny new approach to live performances, this band is a must hear and a must see!