Despite the Lion

Cincinnati, OH

Despite the Lion is a band hailing from the roundabouts of Cincinnati, Ohio. The band formed when Bill the guitarist and Ben the drummer finally decided they were tired of the everyday stereotypical music scene. After the departure from their last band they set out to find members who wanted to play music for the love and not so much the fame. The two found their vocalist Derrick luckily by surfing around on Myspace. After the loss of their previous bassist the band went on a hunt for the right fit. Finally after a long hunt, they found someone good just right down the road. Wes, the bassist, just fit right in so perfectly. The rest is really history. DTL blends many different varieties of music together in order to appeal to everyone. They have the catchy lyrics and melodies of a pop band, and the technicality of indie/experimental band. The members just want to share their music with everyone who is willing to listen. Music = Passion