New York, NY

This NYC (by way of San Diego) duo’s crafty three-song debut EP, self released earlier this year, is stripped down and atmospheric, no doubt influenced by singer Madeline Follin and instrumentalist Brian Oblivion’s twin love of cinema (they’re both film students). Follin’s fragile, childlike voice haunts simple yet intriguingly textured lo-fi arrangements accented by languid guitar strums, a slowly paced drum machine, piano, xylophone and even a sample of notorious cult leader Jim Jones’ voice. Currently touring behind a full band, Cults is rapidly gathering a cult of its own.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Yo La Tengo at its most precious, a Jim Jarmusch film starring Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, Julee Cruise in Twin Peaks. (Jason Gargano)


Not that long ago (February?) Cults posted three songs to a sparse Bandcamp page. No long-winded bios. No extensive list of who they've played with. Nothing, really, revealing or promotional. They've become an Internet sensation practically over night. Their catchy song "Go Outside" was tagged "best new music" by Pitchfork. KEXP made it a "song of the day." And tens of other music blogs were all talking about the band that didn't have a photo, a webpage, and a name no one could easily Google. Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, a couple studying film in New York, never really intended for the songs to go beyond their friends. The immediate wave of bloggers pressing them for information has changed that. They've formed a full line up, have recorded a full length, and now their hitting MidPoint to show you what is now.

You'll dig it if you dig: 50's pop with a slinky twist