Caravan of Thieves

This act is extremely difficult to pigeonhole, so we won’t even try. They are different, kind of dark with the lyrics, and extremely exciting to watch perform live.

Stretching the parameters of acoustic swing, Caravan of Thieves has been winning immediate praise for their unique brand of gypsy flavored song writing and high intensity shows. The vocal harmonizing, acoustic guitar spanking husband and wife duo Fuzz and Carrie have extended their family to include fiery violinist Ben Dean and double bass madman, Brian Anderson to complete their colorful vision. Seeking inspiration from beyond the great divide, the quartet produces layers of Beatlesque vocals, driving rhythms, satirical, dramatic song writing and an overall circus of sound.

The band has vastly different backgrounds in folk, pop, classical, jazz and rock. Fuzz, named for his crazy hair, has spent the past 13 years touring the world with funk and dance groups such as Tom Tom Club and Deep Banana Blackout. And there are stories as well as music! To accompany their collection of dramatic and comical short stories, they’ve built an interactive stage set of percussive junk, which delivers the audiences directly into their wild, imaginative minds.

You’ll dig it if you dig: Django Reinhardt, Faux Frenchmen, Tim Burton doing a concert