Candy Claws

Fort Collins, CO

With both their new album, the just-released Hidden Lands, and their 2008 debut, The Dream of the Sea Life, Candy Claws have crafted basement epics with hi-fi ambitions channeled though lo-fi perspectives, resulting in a soundscape that is naively sophisticated, intimately expansive, dissonantly melodic and weirdly beautiful (like Uma Thurman). Candy Claws is atmospheric and odd, like Radiohead and Brian Eno reinterpreting Pet Sounds with toy instruments and vintage synths.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Brian Wilson, Rivers Cuomo, Robert Pollard and The Polyphonic Spree make beautiful lo-fi aquarium Laptop Pop. (Brian Baker)

Candy Claws lives and records in Fort Collins, CO. Their new album, Hidden Lands, will be available August 3 on CD and LP.

Their debut album In The Dream Of The Sea Life struck the hearts and ears of internet music dorks, and they have been riding a residual wave of praise since. Their sound and their aesthetic is familiar and unique; they smoosh Pet Sounds harmonies through Animal Collective gurgle and approach the aftermath with naivety and wonder. Their music is both classic and totally modern.